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Friday, February 26, 2010

Way Back When - Old Lompoc

That may be Bud Clark, and he may be pulling the first pint at the newly rechristened New Old Lompoc (formerly Old Lompoc), but this damned brain has a hard time drawing out details. It was in the bottom of my box of pictures. Or it could just be a bartender who looks like Bud.

Anyone confirm?

(Oh, in case you happen not to be from Portland, Bud Clark was a barman who got his dander up in the 80s and decided to run for Mayor. And won. But he was probably more famous for the poster below.)


  1. i have a video of you at XMas (drunkenly) telling the tale of Bobby you want to post it ;)

  2. Pretty sure that's Bud. The bike clothes are one clue. Here's a more recent video Angelo took of him pouring beer at Hopworks.

    Speaking of Old Lompoc, seems like they have rebranded themselves as "Lompoc Brewing" now instead of "New Old Lompoc"? Pity: I liked the oxymoron, plus there is an actual place called Lompoc that is unrelated to anything having to do with them.

  3. Jeff, You are right. Bud pulled the first pint when Jerry Fechter and Don Younger bought Lompoc from Goforth and Rice. As I recall, the beer was called Outhouse Special Bitter as a tribute to an early Portland schoolteacher.