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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

What To Do In the Event a Waiter Spills a Tray of Beer on You

German Chancellor Angela Merkel demonstrates:

Note the way she barely acknowledges the sensation of beer and glassware cascading down her back. A flip of the hair, a gracious smile. And then, soon after, a toast as if nothing untoward has affected the evening's fun. Perhaps the Greek debt crisis has inured her to petty distractions. In any case, well done.


PivnĂ­ Filosof said...

Note the way everyone reacts, as if it was something that happens quite often actually.... They Germans, after all.

Tom Bedell said...

Looks like we all had a go at this one, and can you blame us? My take: When did Sasha Baron Cohen head over to Germany to pour a tray of beers down Chancellor Angela Merkel's back?

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