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Friday, September 07, 2012

Friday Flick: Hop Harvest

Since we have a minor theme of hop harvesting going on, here are a couple of videos for your perusal.  First up, a promotional vid from the Oregon Hops Commission.  It's a bit long, but actually quite edifying if you can spare 8 1/2 minutes. (The music is weird and there is a minute and a half of blank tape at the end--but it's still worth a look, I swear.):

If you can't spare ten minutes, here's a shorter video by Ritch Marvin that covers the same material in 3 minutes. Ritch, incidentally, won best in show at this year's Oregon State Fair homebrew contest. He picked up the hardware for a Berliner Weisse.  Congrats to Ritch both for making a superior beer and having the good taste to brew a Berliner Weisse (something I fear is beyond my modest brewing talent).


  1. wow I was this close to reposting our Behind The Pint: Hop Harvesting 101 today on The New School until the NAB selling story came up. That would have been awkward

  2. Like wearing dresses to the same cotillion--horrors! (But it does show there's a certain meme in the air.)

  3. Very, very cool. I've not ventured into this version of harvest - big veggie patch, but the hops possibilities dance at the edge of the brain. VERY intriguing. Thanks for sharing.