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Tuesday, November 06, 2012

It's a Wrap

I meant to post this yesterday, but election day seems just as good. I'm back in Beervana under comfortably gray skies, and thinking back to the last three+ weeks. Here's what I see.

Length of trip: 23 days
Countries: 3
Towns slept inn/hotels: 14
Breweries toured: 14
Breweries visited: 27
Beers sampled/drunk: unknowable (100+)
Planes: 3
Trains: 5
Automobiles (excluding cabs): 2
Total distance traveled:
- once arrived: 3,227 km/2005 mi
- all together: 22,970km/13,975 mi
Colds contracted: 1

These numbers nearly repeat my 23-day, 3-country visit last year, so you could roughly double them to get a sense of what my trips have been like. (Even I am staggered to think I traveled 4000 miles on the ground to tour 36--and visit 51--breweries.)

I still have some in-country travel to do--I think pilgrimages to Chico and St Louis are in my future--but today, as I sit typing this in one of the prettiest, most-pleasant corners of the world, I am happy to be off the road.


Brewers Union Local 180 said...

As you've just arrived, I'm just heading out. And I will be working over there too. Really.


Well done!

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