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Thursday, September 05, 2013

Rare Beers and Good Karma

Brews for New Avenues
Green Dragon, 928 SE 9th Ave
Saturday, September 7, 5 - 10pm
$10 gets you a beer, a mug, and a raffle ticket

I would like to direct your attention to the month's best win-win: Brews for New Avenues.  On your side of the ledger is an extraordinary beer event at the Green Dragon that features a kick-ass lineup of draft beer, including a few from De Garde, perhaps the season's first fresh hop beer (Deschutes), specialties from Logsdon, the Commons, a Freigeist/Jester King collab*, and of course many more.  But that's just to get things started.  The main event is a live auction of a spectacular collection of bottles.  The whole list is here, but a few of the highlights include:
  • A seven-bottle collection from Crooked Stave
  • The Armand 4-Seasons set from Drie Fonteinen
  • A Lost Abbey box set that comes in a wooden box and contains 13 rare beers
  • A Westvleteren 12 box and a special five-year vertical of Westvleteren 12
  • Bottles from Cigar City, Upland, Cantillon, and New Glarus
In addition, there will be live music, chocolate stout floats, free root beer floats for designated drivers, a wall of mystery beer ($10 gets you a mystery beer and the wall includes Abyss, Pappy's Dark, Super Nebula and more), and a raffle for cool beer swag. 

But appearances aside, you will not be the main beneficiary of this; New Avenues for Youth, a local nonprofit that helps kids get off the street, will get all the proceeds.  Last year that amounted to $17,000, and this year they're hoping to do better.  Go raid the piggy bank and buy some guilt-free beer geek trophies, because the more you spend, the better it is for New Avenues. 

*Freigeist is that obscure sour-ale brewery from, of all places, Cologne.  

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