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Monday, November 25, 2013


The TV show Leverage is now streamable on Netflix.  This isn't particularly newsworthy except that in the first episode of season five the A-Team, err, team, has relocated to Portland.  And into the BridgePort Brewery.  It's surreal to see them walking through the old rope factory, "BridgePort" signs everywhere.  One of the characters has purchased it and is dabbling in the brewhouse with a recipe he found online.

It's not good television, but there you have it.

It's quite possible that if you've made it down here to paragraph three, you're wondering why this is such a lame and wandering post.  Well, me too.  I went away for the weekend and expected to come back refreshed.  Instead, I'm even less bloggy.  Dunno how long this may last, but if I find that a random comment about a television show is the best I got, I may not be posting a lot in the next few days.  What the hell--it's a holiday weekend.

1 comment:

  1. bad TV but fun to see the iconic rope factory and hear about beer-making as part of the show.