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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The World's Most Secretive Brewery

Today's post on All About Beer is a special holiday feature.  You can attempt to guess the brewery in question:
“We do have a legendary process and there is element of mystery behind it—and you’re not going to get that out of me.”
I do have one addendum.  This is a brewery that rejected my entreaties to see the inside (the real inside, where they actually make the beer) and I wrote, "If you do much research, you discover that this has been true for a while—no one has seemed to so much as glimpsed a mash tun for years."  It turns out that's not entirely true--Brian Yaeger has been inside.  I'll have to get him drunk and find out what he knows.

Follow-up. I had forgotten this report from Martyn Cornell of a visit to the brewery organized by the European Beer Bloggers Conference (including illicitly-snapped pics of Brewhouse #4).  Nothing there makes me regret calling Guinness the world's most secretive brewery.


  1. If Guinness is mysterious to you, it certainly is to me, but are these photos by Martyn Cornell any use? Or, despite his cloak and dagger moves, is that just what they WANT you to see? *dons tin foil hat*

  2. Haha too funny! Yes a few beers might help that for sure!

  3. Either way, the "most secretive" label still fits, doesn't it?

  4. Try again as the first comment vanished: Sam Smiths have always been incredibly secretive and the only living beer writer I know who has been there is Zak Avery. Though to the fair he did try and arrange a British Guild of Beer Writers visit there when he was on the committe but to no avail.

  5. Ah yes, well I've toured Samuel Smith's, so it doesn't seem so exotic to me. (And last I checked, I was alive--though my wife would be a better authority.)