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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Of Fresh Hops and Buyouts

I'm trying out the phrase "guerrilla podcasters" to describe Patrick's and my crude production values on the latest pod. We recorded live at Breakside's Milwaukie brewery--a production facility that was in full roar. We were there because Ben and Co. had on a couple fresh hop IPAs for us to sample as we discussed fresh hop beers for the podcast. This is one of those things that may seem old hat to Pacific Northwesterners, but is in fact almost entirely unknown outside our little hoppy bubble. I think the content is very good, even if the audio is a bit rough. Ben Edmunds stopped by to discuss his very unusual fresh-hop technique using nitrogen. Good stuff.

Next I alert you to my latest in All About Beer.
But beer companies? They are organs of commerce, however wonderful the brewers and publicans they employ may be. We feel good about beer, so we place that good feeling on the institution of private businesses. And in many cases, that feeling is well-placed. Breweries are collections of humans, after all. When they make good beer and create a wonderful space to enjoy it, they rightly earn our loyalty. But they’re also businesses, and sometimes their owners decide to sell to different owners—and then we have to make new judgments all over again.
And finally, if you're in Seattle tonight, come by the Book Larder and listen to me discuss The Beer Bible, take questions, and sign books. 

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  1. timely post about the buy outs Jeff, especially since there was another purchase announced today (St. Archer to SAB)