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Friday, March 04, 2016

A Brand New Pod!

Today Patrick and I are going to brew a couple batches of beer.* Yesterday we podcasted. You may listen to our disquisition, erudite as always**, on barrel-aged beers. You will hear Cantillon's Jean Van Roy talk about the flavor of old wood, and Samuel Smith's Steve Barrett talk about how to cure a brand-new oak cask. Among, of course, many other fascinating revelations***.  Enjoy!

* Pilsner and IPA. We do a pilsner every year, relying on primitive lagering tech--Oregon's mild winters. We're getting a little late in the season for that, so we're probably going to end up with a fruitier-than-usual lager. Hey, it's homebrew.
**You mileage may vary.
*** Ibid.

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  1. Re: temperature fluctuation at Goose Island's barrel warehouse: In the latest four brewers pod, they interview Bottle Logic. At 15:42 they talk about how bourbon loves temperature fluctuation. Promotes the barrel to swell. Really interesting.