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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

A Contest of Her Own

This is very cool:
SheBrew Homebrew Competition
This competition is AHA sanctioned and open to any amateur female homebrewer age 21 or older. It is open to all non-commercial, home brewed beers produced by persons of female identity. 
Deadline: February 17th (Shipping) or 18th (Dropoff).  Register here.
Women have steadily become more welcome in the brewing world, but as a hobby, it's hard to find a culture that was once more masculine. I remember attending a homebrew meeting in the mid-90s and feeling incredibly intimidated. It was entirely male, and there was a latent vibe of competition in every discussion, whether about recipes, equipment, or actual competitions. Fortunately that has been changing. The competition is organized by the Oregon Brew Crew, which has made great strides to welcoming women in recent years. This is another excellent way to open the hobby up to a broad audience.

The turnaround is pretty tight, so if you don't have a beer ready, you're going to have to brew it up right quick. Good luck--


  1. Ah yes, postmodern feminism--We fix everything with segregation. We solve intimidating, masculinist discourses like "competition" with competition

  2. And another thing. Why shouldn't women feel unwelcome in the brewing world? The last time a bunch of females got together and spoke in a single political voice, we got prohibition.

  3. I assume your comments are offered as an example of the kind of behavior women have historically confronted within the homebrewing world. Well done!

  4. Actually I've never heard anything of the sort from homebrewers.

    Besides myself I mean, but I'm banned from most homebrewing organizations. I have gotten our local NO MA'AM chapter into homebrewing instead.