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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Good Living

Two pics. In the first, professor Emerson inspects a glass at the Kennedy School to determine whether it is an Honest pint. (Inconclusive.) The glass contained an oatmeal stout that was adequate, but uninspired. A bit sharp at the finish, not quite as sweet and creamy as I'd like, but in possession of the innate stoutiness that makes me warm on December afternoons. We had just departed Pambiche, a Cuban restaurant where they import not only Xingu beer, but Caribbean sunlight. Another dollop of warmth on a chill winter day.

Second pic at Pix, the extraordinary pastry cafe in which you can not only enjoy a Queen of Sheba Truffle Cake, but wash it down with a variety of Belgian ales. You can see from this photo that they do it righ--an engraved tulip glass with a candle to backlight it golden radiance.

This, incidentally, is why people score Portland so highly on the "liveability" scale. Find me a town where I can begin with a Cuban lunch, move on to a 92-year-old converted elementary school serving micro-brewed oatmeal stout, and conclude at a French bakery that offers Belgian beers in their appropriate glassware. Can't be done.

Ah, Portland.


  1. Looks like Professor Emerson needs to add a measuring cup to his arsenal.