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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

New Vodka Tasting

Going a little off script here, I'd like to direct your attention to an open house/tasting for three microdistilleries--including the newly-released Sub Rosa vodkas which, I understand, are having their debut tasting.* From a press release, here's who will be in attendance:
  • House Spirits, local makers of Aviation Gin, Medoyeff Vodka and Krogstad Aquavit.
  • Discuss cocktail trends with the editors from Imbibe Magazine.
  • Taste grappa from Ransom Spirits.
  • Sample the newly released Tarragon and Saffron infused vodkas from Sub Rosa Spirits with distiller Mike Sherwood.
To make it a fully sensual experience, you'll also be able to sample chocolate from Xocolatl de David.
Location: House Spirits Distillery, 2025 SE 7th
Time and date: Noon to 5pm, Saturday, Dec 15
Only adults, 21 and over, are allowed, but it's free.
In an email, Mike described his vodkas this way: "Sub Rosa Spirits makes intensely flavored vodkas. One is a tarragon flavored. The other a Saffron flavored vodka, that is more akin to a curry, methinks. Not for the faint of palate."

So go, enjoy, and maybe even buy a bottle. 'Tis the season--

*Mike Sherwood, the man behind Sub Rosa, was formerly the Director of the Oregon Brewers Guild, so there's a link back to beer should you wish one.

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