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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Odds and Ends

First, an update on the petition: 301 signatures and counting! I've gotten support from a growing number of bloggers, so a shout out to Metroblogging and Homeless on the High Desert. If you haven't signed, consider this yet another call to action. (What action?--read about it here.)
Go sign it now.
Now, onto beer business. I'll be looking back at 2007 this week, including naming my second annual best beer of the year. My two, loose rules are that the beer had to be new (though not necessarily released in '07), and had to be brewed by an Oregon brewer. So could a Walking Man beer from '06 win?--probably. We'll see if a compelling example arises. Below are some of the beers that lept out at me.
  • Raccoon Lodge Baltic Porter
  • Double Mountain IRA
  • Full Sail Lupulin (their fresh hop ale)
  • BridgePort Hop Harvest (fresh hop)
  • New Old Lompck Star of India (fresh hop)
  • Hair of the Dog Jim II
  • Roots Habenero Stout
  • Hopworks Kentucky Christmas
  • Widmer Decorator
  • Caldera Cauldron Brew
What did I miss? Which of these did you think was the best?

(Sorry I don't have that handy polling feature so you could just vote--but it's only available in the new Blogspot designs. So you'll have to vote in comments or via email.)


  1. I posted a link to the honest pint petition and I got this response from a friend recently in Portland.

    "That is interesting that you mention that because when I was up in Portland last week with Ian, we went out to breakfast at Gravy's. There were a man and a women sitting behind us. The man was the owner and the woman was the manager. The man was telling the woman that he wanted to replace all of there pint glasses with slightly smaller ones and then after several months reintroduce the full sized ones at a higher price. I almost said something to them but was too hungover to come up with a complete sentence."

  2. If your going to include Hopworks Kentucky Christmas, I've got to ask you to also include the non-barrel-aged version Abombinable from Hopworks. It has to be new in 07, yes?

    I'm also surprised there were no Ninkasai brews on your list (Oatis!). Aren't they also new in 07?

    Those are just a couple Oregon Brewed Options from my 2007.


  3. Scott--while we can't stand on unconfirmed anecdotes as evidence, this is exactly the reason we need standards--because there's nothing to stop this kind of thing from happening. Thanks for sharing.

    ASG, I haven't tried the Abominable--you know where it's available? Ninkasi Believer was my '07 Beer of the Year, but Oatis and Schwag, the two new ones I tried this year, didn't quite rise to that standard.

  4. I had Abominabale at Higgins a few weeks ago, and I believe it was on last time I was at the Pilsener Room.

    As for new beers vs. Ninkasi, how about Tricerahops? Wasn't that new this year?