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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Wreck on Cask

The Pilsner Room is one of Portland's underrated taprooms. Not only does it have John Harris specials on tap year-round, but there are a number of well-selected rotating taps from breweries around the state. I never seem to make it past the Harris rarities, but it's good information to have, just in case you're looking for something out of the ordinary.

It has, in addition, a gorgeous view of the Riverplace Marina, an attractive backdrop on any visit. But last night I had a perfect view of the Christmas boats on their departure from the marina and south, down toward Milwaukie. And later, after they had sailed out of view, the Blazers game came on, allowing me to pivot my attention inward as the local boys dished out some pain to Utah for their sixth win in a row.

But the salient detail I really need to pass along is the presence of Wreck the Halls on cask. For those of you whose cells are calibrated to a certain level of hop saturation, few beers could be more ideal. It isn't exactly a bitter beer, just one fizzing with hop flavor and aroma. On the surface, you get lots of citrus, but the cask allows other notes to blossom--lavender and pepper chief among them. Especially where hoppy beers are concerned, nothing allows them to breathe so well as cask.

In this regard, I think the beer is mis-named. It suggested a bruiser, whereas this beer is pure pleasure. If the brewery wants a seasonal allusion, I suggest "Green Christmas." But whatever, do yourself a favor and stop by for a pint.


  1. Sounds like a lovely evening doing things that warm and please you. Divine...

  2. The Pilsner Room is great!

    Wreck the Halls is also on cask at Higgins right now.

  3. Wreck the Halls on cask is excellent. The Moon and the Sixpence has had a few casks pass through in the last month.