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Sunday, February 22, 2009


I should be quick to promote the mention of this blog in a regional magazine. Particularly one in which the phrase 'near poetic descriptions' appears. Unfortunately, my face also appears in this magazine, and here's where we run into trouble. By way of explanation, I offer this advice should you ever find yourself in a professional photo shoot:

1. If the photographer tells you to tip your hat back so there are no shadows on your face, don't do it. Either demand the shadows or take off the hat. As you can see, tippng the hat back makes you look like a twit.

2. If the photographer tells you to smile, smile. If you refuse to, a game will ensue in which he attempts to get you to smile, telling you really, really bad jokes about Celine Dion. You end up with a swallowed half-smile and look like a twit. Even a fake smile would have been better than this.

3. If the magazine is paying, you might as well pound the beers. It will aid you in #2.

4. If the magazine gives you the option not to do the photo shoot and you look like me, graciously accept the offer.

For the record, we shot this picture in the Horse Brass. Also, Sunset--I should confirm that I'm talking about Sunset Magazine here--did buy the beer, and we tried a Bluebird Bitter, Trumer Pils, and a stout of garbled provenance. The waitress mumbled the name of the stout she brought--'swmlmmsbbt stout,' it sounded like--but it was thick and meaty and tasty. It appears in front of me and is clearly the only un-silly thing in the photograph. The hat in question bears the Blazers swirly logo. I would have looked cool with it on my head naturally and my face shrouded by the forgiving gauze of darkness.

[Update: Another picture for comparison. You see, it's not easy to improve things when you're starting with this mug.]


  1. Sunset Mag...! Nice job! Pictures not bad!

    Of course, the hat screams stereotypical North Westerner who does follow proper etiquette for taking a hat off when indoors.

    Just so people know I'm NOT a snob... Etiquette is for everyone and goes beyond fashion.


  2. I screwed up that last post! It does read correctly.... The sarcasm doesn't work!


  3. congratulations on the mag spot... you deserve the credit.

  4. I just saw your spot in Sunset last night and this is my first trip to your blog. Good stuff. For the record, I thought the picture was quite good. We all are our own wort critics. Being a purveyor of finely crafted beverages myself, I will be adding you to my bookmarks. Thanks!

  5. Hah! I think the photo is fine, though the hat-line does look a little strange. And your smile is more of a self-assured beer-enjoyer, anyhow. Congrats on the props!

  6. Yikes! Glad I met you in person before I saw that picture. If it's any consolation, I don't recognize the Horse Brass either -- weird photo.

    Is there more about the blog in the main article? Didn't find it on Sunset's website.

    BTW, when did it become "Beervana, the Blog"?

  7. Bill, I added the "the blog" a couple weeks ago, for no particular reason. It's not really a change, just an elongation.

  8. Torn between saying, 'Congrats!' and kneecapping the picture.

    I'll opt for the high road.

  9. No, no, no... I like the first photo better. The new photo is too stiff. The first photo has that Beer Geek meets the AXE MEN flavor.... ;-}

  10. The photo is fine. No worries.

    Glad to see your a Beavers fan.

  11. I came to this site after being intrigued by the expression on your face in the Sunset photo. Like, got something funny on my mind, but not going to spill it just now kind of look. I'm a portrait painter and was hoping to see a BIGGER version of the pic on your site! OK, the hat tipped back would have to be fixed... I don't even drink beer! (my husband knows about your HPP though).

  12. Hi Jeff,

    Just got around to perusing the latest Sunset and found you on page 16. CooL press! It's been a long time since I chatted with you. If you ever come up to AK, come visit. We'll give U lots to blog about! We move to our new bigger building in a few weeks - adding tanks and, hopefully, a canning line.

    Barb Miller
    VP/La Femme de Beer
    Midnight Sun Brewing Company