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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

One Mystery Solved

I won't embed this--I don't want it on my site--but I think this ad resolves the question about the orientation of the makers of Lucky Buddha beer. (Background here.) Uggh.


  1. We get it Jeff, you are offended on behalf of a population of which you don't belong.

    But since you wanted to add fuel the the fire...I'll redirect everyone to the your last post on the previous thread...

    You claim not to have been offended by the Lucky Buddha Beer and yet you throw around likenesses of racism, call people bigots, and suggest that an entire company is full of cultural bigotry.

    Now you suggest some sort of "orientation" is in question. What "orientation" is that Jeff?

    I get it, you aren't offended...riiiighhhttt!

    I'm amused, trust me.

  2. Ralph, two things, and then you have the floor for as long as you wish to carry on.

    1. I am offended by this ad. Someone emailed me the link and I couldn't believe it. Based mainly on your claims that I was vastly over-reaching on my suspicions about the company, I figured it warranted a follow-up post.

    2. I think you've willfully misread me, which is your right. The only comments I delete from the blog are commercial spam. For the record, I have never accused anyone of racism (you're the only one to use that word); I have called a company's product bigoted, but have never said that of any particular "people." Finally, I want to clarify that the "pool of cultural bigotry" was intended to refer to Australian culture, not the company's. My sentence was unclear.

    I know we have tried the patience of readers who've looked at the comments--my apologies. This is why politics and beer don't mix. I won't return to the subject.

  3. C'mon, Ralph, lay off of Jeff. Better yet, start your own blog and do your ranting over there. It feels good.

  4. NO abusing Jeff.... That's my job!

    You were really offended by the Buddha Commercial??!!!

    Come on Jeff, you can't be that innocent!

    I thought it was great! Of course, I work in the medical field and have seen plenty of X-rays with OBJECTS suck in peoples rectums.... and they all say they've SAT on the object! Yea right! How do you sit on a 14 inch English cumcumber??? ;-}

    Hey.... whatever makes your boat float!

  5. i think Ralph's got something up his butt...

  6. Oh, I was totally off base I see...

    The product is bigoted.

    Well then, my apologies.

  7. Ah.....Freedom of expression....It's what's makes us Americans.