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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Is This What Death Feels Like?

It burns, it burns! I have some kind of impending flu, the primary symptom of which is a pain I can only believe comes from rotting bone marrow. The cough and headache are amusing distractions by comparison. So blogging will slow.

Fortunately, good stuff at Beer Around Town (Fallen Friar Review), It's Pub Night (Vertigo Brewing review), Hops and Barley (beer tax!), Brewpublic (nice piece on East Burn), Brew Site (beer reviews), and something about an IPA taste-off I don't really understand.

I'll be off to die now.


  1. I'll kill ya myself for not including the comical bantering of Dr Wort!


  2. I'm hoping not to get that bug, everyone I seem to know has it. So far a beer a day has kept the flu at bay.

    Good luck Jeff