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Monday, February 16, 2009

One More

Okay, the front-page story on this morning's Oregonian forces me to note that I've written a piece about it over at BlueOregon. If you want to read my full coverage of the beer tax issue, go here. Sorry, despite my best efforts, it seems like the beer tax is going to take up some blog space. For those who couldn't care less, my apologies.


  1. You've written a good peice. I think the proposed beer tax is ridiculously high, and callous towards the impact on local craft brewers.

    I can't help but notice the parallels between your arguments against heavy-handed moralist beer taxes, and arguments against the recent smoking ban. Some sins are better than others I guess.

    Also, it's a bit disingenious to claim that they haven't tried to connect the revenues from this tax with alcohol issues. They clearly have.

    Again, I'm not supporting this tax, just being intellectually honest.

  2. There's no data suggesting what the brewing industry's tab is. The sponsors of the bill drag in not only wine and liquor (keep in mind, this is just a beer tax), but drugs as well. I'm happy to discuss actual numbers, but I don't see a willingness on the part of the bill's sponsors.

  3. I see where your coming from. I just don't think the stretch from a beer tax to substance-abuse treatment and prevention is all that far. My opinion.

    But I don't dispute that they just want to increase their revenues. Money that's currently paying for these services would be reused for other things, which is really the point, I'm sure.

    Why they're going for such a wild overshoot of what other states are doing is beyond me.

    And $6 pints? There is a point where consumers will just say no thanks. $6 is pretty close for me. I got kids to feed.

  4. Jeff,

    I really enjoyed your thoughtful and well reasoned article. Even though I don't live in Oregon, I appreciate your fighting against this unreasonable bill. My mind is now numb, however, after having read some of the ridiculous replies to your piece. Yes, I know this is the Internet, but the posts from Sal and Christy, among others, seem oblivious to areas of mutual agreement--namely, a (sensible) tax increase on beer is overdue--and ignore your reasonable points of criticism.

    Anyway, love the blog--keep up the good work. And, tax increase or not, I hope to see more Oregon brews out in the Great Lakes region. We need more than overpriced bombers of Rogue. Bring on the Widmers and Deschutes!