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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Brewer Changes

Just saw this at John Foyston's blog:
Here's what Chris Crabb just e-mailed...

Dave Fleming has left Three Creeks Brewing and has been named Head Brewer for Lompoc Brewing. He will likely be at next Wednesday's Fresh Hop tasting, (4 - 9 p.m.Sept. 30, New Old Lompoc, 1616 NW 23rd Ave.)
This raises two pertinent questions:

1. Who will be manning the mash tun at Three Creeks?
2. Has someone left Lompoc?

I will attempt to track down answers post haste.


  1. I believe David Lederfine will be taking over at Three Creeks. David is the former owner of the Snake and Weasel and brewed at the Wet Dog in Astoria, Oregon Trail, McMennamins and maybe elsewhere.

  2. Oh, and as for question 2: I think they are just expanding since they will soon be sending beer to Washington.

    As a side note, former Lompoc brewer Travis Gutterson has opened 7 Seas Brewing in Gig Harbor, Wash. Just had theuir IPA last night. Good stuff.

  3. Just had the Desperado IIPA at 3 Creeks last weekend. Very tasty and at 7.1% not too heavy either. He will be missed there.

  4. Its weird how this makes so much news but I never saw anyone mention it when Jason Mcadam, original founder and head brewer at Roots left.

    Not a complaint, just an observation.

  5. Samurai Artist,

    Are you kidding me? What about all the rumors that floated about the blogosphere about Roots' emminent demise. Falsely predicted, thank god. Most of these rumors referenced Jason's departure as the primary factor.

    You're close to Jason, any news soon forthcoming around his new venture?

  6. Jonathan is out at Lompoc, no explanation was put forth.

  7. Patrick,
    you must have heard a different version of that rumor than I.
    The one I heard never mentioned Jason, just that Roots couldnt pay the bills.
    And even that one I never saw get any attention on the blogs except Dereks brief mention. I dont think that mentioned Jason either??

    But yeah, his place is coming soon. I dont know what I can say but it will probably break relatively soon and has some really cool unique plans for the place.

    By the way Patrick, I assume you know be but I know a few Patricks. Whos this?