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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Fresh Hops Around the State

In preparation for this weekend's fresh hop fest in Hood River, I am busily assembling a list of the hops that will be in the beers there. (It turns out that not every beer at the fest was made with wet hops. There will be 31 fresh hopped beers from 24 breweries.)

However, Brian Butenschoen of the Brewer's Guild just put out an updated list of all the Oregon fresh hop beers he knows of and the hops used. You can download the pdf here. I'll have a list of the beers and their hops available at the Hood River Fresh Hop Fest tomorrow or Friday.

PHOTO: Double Mountain's Matt Swihart, Oregon Brewers Guild

1 comment:

  1. I nominate Widmer's "Hopturnal Emission" as "Worst-Named Fresh Hop Beer In Oregon". It's kind of funny, but doesn't really build up much of a thirst for me if I think on it more than 3 seconds.
    Have fun in Hood River, Jeff!