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Thursday, September 24, 2009

In Denver

Attendees are lining up for the Great American Beer Festival even as we speak. It starts in an hour. Although I don't always love the way the winners are decided, I will confess to a certain amount of envy right now. Apparently there will be a video feed. Of course, you can watch the tweets go by, too (current theme seems to be how long the lines are).

Holler if you're there and have info to divulge.


  1. Well, well, well... Just reading the GABF winners for 2009. All those big hoppy beers! I think you might need to check out the winners.

    It appears CA has kicked Oregon's ass in just about all Hoppy Beers categories with the exception of Imperial India Pale ale. Better go kiss Hopworks on the lips for getting you a Gold there.

    Those "Sour grapes" are tasting pretty good right about now. :-)

    Grapes = Wine. CA does that far better too. :-)

    You stated, "Maybe Oregon IPAs don't make your top six.." Apparently most don't make the top six with the international group of GABF judges either.

  2. Ah, the anonymous trash-talking, always a nice profile in courage.

    Truth is, I have no horse in this race. You can't judge a beer by its performance in any given GABF--otherwise we would assume that a beer that wins gold one year and fails to win a medal next year has suddenly gotten a lot worse. (And of course, all medal-winners lose regularly in future years.)

    I like California beers, and certainly, if I were doing a top ten US IPAs list, a few would make it in.

    As I said in that post with the polling info, IPAs are brewed to taste different. On different days and in different moods, we choose different beers.

    For my money, the West Coast produces the majority of the country's best beer. While I believe the Oregon industry leads the way, I certainly include WA and CA in the overall configuration.

  3. God, you're full of shit!

    Are your running for office somewhere?