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Tuesday, May 04, 2010

More Boorish Behavior

Hot on the heels of King C's post about kids in pubs, we now have an epic fracas between two titans of British beer writing--Pete Brown and Roger Protz (Protz comments on the original post, then expands things here). For the voyeuristic, a fun read. And be sure to hear the accents in your mind's ear for full effect.

My comment is this: in public spaces you will find bad behavior. Mostly you'll find good behavior, but you'll also find a bit of boorishness. Add booze and you speed and intensify things. The only moral is that humans are flawed; gather a group of people together and you see the flaws on glorious display.


  1. You stole my word! "Boorish" ;-}

  2. Found this little gem in the comments:

    In which the blogger links to some great comics from the Brit version of Mad Magazine. They so closely dovetail with some of the nonsense that I sometimes see from Oregon beer snobs (and certain bloggers) that I would like to link them all: