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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Los Angeles Discovers Beervana

Based on the number of emails I received, I'm guessing you've already seen the fluffy travel piece in today's LA Times ("Achieving Beervana in Portland, Ore"). Nothing new in it, but it did cause random thoughts to fire inside my brainpan:
  • Both bi-coastal Times (NY & LA) ran stories about the beer scene in Portland in their print editions. Online polls or no, we definitely have poll position on beeriest city.
  • It doesn't hurt that we call the town "Beervana." Good branding.
  • If the Tugboat stepped up and brewed Beervana-worthy beers, it would be in a fantastic position to start making money hand over fist. As it is, every article that discusses the Portland beer scene mentions Tugboat--one of only two downtown breweries.
  • Upright gets amazing press.
  • Christian Ettinger is not Elvis. He's a member of the second wave--way too young to be the King (though he has the sideburns). I'd have called him Colin Meloy. I give the Elvis nod to John Harris.
Happy Memorial Day--


  1. Where do you draw the line for downtown? I would consider Deschutes to be downtown since it's only two blocks off Burnside. That would bring the total to three: Deschutes, Rock Bottom and Tugboat.

  2. Brian msubulldog257:40 AM, May 31, 2010

    Continuing the 'where do you draw the line?' thought...
    Full Sail Riverplace/Pilsner Room has an on-site brewery (speaking of John Harris...); McM's Ringlers/Crystal Brewery also brews their own on-site (besides the regular line-up, they had a pretty good Wit, a pilsner, and a strong 'Belgian' pale called 'Big Worm' on last week). Where's the love for these guys? :)

  3. Andrew, I think downtown is properly limited to the area south of Burnside. Deschutes is in the Pearl. It's a minor distinction, though--obviously it benefits enormously from its proximity to downtown.

    I think the Pilsner Room qualifies, though. McBrothers--I guess that works, too.

    Okay, so there are a few places....