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Monday, May 24, 2010

Questions and Answers

English Blogger Mark Dredge throws a softball:
What do you think: is it good to read about someone being drunk (so long as they aren’t throwing up on trains and pissing in bins) or does it do a disservice to beer?
It's good if it's true. Bloggers should mention when they get blasted because 1) shattered palates should not be trusted, 2) the observations of drunken bloggers should not be trusted. It's beer; it has alcohol. If you're going to write about it, you gotta let people know. Or perhaps you didn't know there was alcohol in beer. In which case, I have a post I need to write--but first, can I interest you in a little bridge I happen to know about downtown?

Alan also replies to the question, but adds his own interrogative to the mix:
I do think money colours all this... When one reads the exploits of beer writers reporting from shadowy marketing meetings, on PR junkets, of the event that they are at that just happens to be sponsored, or another fest where they meet all their friends the brewers for hours of clinky clinky and you can, too... well, why not? It's not only the free samples that friends envy not to mention the ad money - but the role of being that bit nearer to the beloved fluid so as to earn favour. The idea that beer gives back or even pays for itself is a dream for so many.
In other words: bloggers are scavengers on the edges of beer society, and therefore you should watch warily their words--they coo and do not bite the hand that waters their dish. True?


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