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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

More on the Demon's Farm

Dunno how many of you read Block 15's blog (I need to link it up myself), but there's a nice post reflecting on their Cheers to Belgian Beers-winning Demon's Farm--as well as thoughts on the fest, too:
La Ferme’ de Demons has been re-barreled, less the Oregon Oak and dosed with Brett. I anticipate that in about 3-4 months the character of the Brett will meld with the barrel notes and accentuate some cherry pie love. Will this bridge the gap between opinions? Only time will tell. Look for La Ferme de Demon’s on tap here and one or two select Portland taprooms in October…and in limited 750ml corked bottles!

As the winner of Peoples Choice award I get to select the yeast strain for next year’s competition. Yes, my vote would be for some Brett or the Roeselare blend, but I don’t believe all breweries are set up to tame the wild. As I travel to Belgium next week I will look into the possibility of Wyeast being able to supply special yeast that I will be able to sample on location. I will work with the organizers quickly and encourage a timely dart throw to give our great Oregon breweries ample design and conditioning time.
For what it's worth, my polling on your choice for next year's yeast strain is pretty evenly split between four main contenders: 1388, Strong (Duvel), 3463, "Forbidden Fruit," 3763, "Roselare" (Rodenbach), and 3724, "Belgian Saison" (Dupont). Have a look:

(Click to enlarge)

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