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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Beer Now Legal in Dallas

Proponents of marijuana legalization suffered a blow last night when Californians rejected Prop 19. But legalizers didn't get shut out. Prohibition has finally ended in Dallas, Texas:
For more than 100 years, parts of Dallas didn't allow the sale of alcohol until now. Voters decided nearly two-to-one to allow stores citywide to sell beer and wine. Some community leaders in South Dallas were concerned that the sale of alcohol would increase crime, but Bob Stimson, the President of the Oak Cliff Chamber of Commerce believes this will bring business south of the Trinity....

Voters also approved a second measure allowing restaurants to serve beer and wine city-wide without a membership card. Studies estimate Dallas will receive an additional 10 to 20 million dollars in sales tax revenue.
This comes not a minute too soon for Cowboys fans.


  1. From reading Maureen Ogle's excellent book "Ambitious Brew" I learned that half the country was dry before the 18th Amendment was passed (Prohibition). I had no idea!

  2. Look at WA.... Repeal Snack Tax, but reject taking Liquor Distribution out of States hands! I guess CRAP FOOD is more important than the price of quality booze? Amazing!!!

  3. My hometown is still a dry town, has been for 100+ years. (Darn Quakers)

  4. I'm always amazed when I hear about cities/counties that are still dry. State run alcohol distribution would be a welcome change for these poor people! But, since I don't live in these areas with antiquated ideals and legislation, I can focus on progressing our own antiquated situations.

    Party on, DALLAS!

  5. I growed up at Dallas . . . Texas, that is.

    Beer was difficult to acquire until the summer of our 18th year we discover the Hofbräuhaus German restaurant would us lads beer with meals; shortly, we learned the Doll House Piano Bar next door would sell us goblet of cooking lager if we sing-along and paid-up. From export Löwenbräu to Pearl; the journey began. Tonight I drank Heater Allen - Pils.

    'Long ago, far away; Things like that don't happen. No more, nowaday.' [wrote the poet Dylan].

  6. I think the "Growed" gave it away... ;-}

  7. 1100 was a shit bill which, among many issues, would have had severely negative consequences for craft beer in Washington -- at least for those of us who consider small breweries valuable. Slotting fees, free kegs, all kinds of payola would have been made legal. All kinds of nasty repercussions that had nothing to do with liquor. You're talking out your ass as usual, Dr. Wurst