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Thursday, November 11, 2010

But If CAMRA Didn't Exist, What Would They Fight About?

The Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) is a venerable old organization that defends the very British institution of cask ale. It was (choose one): a) the salvation of cask ale or b) an officious movement mainly successful at getting a lot of attention. It now (choose one): a) keeps alive an ancient tradition in the face of multinational fizzy lager, or b) does more harm to the cause of craft beer than good.

I haven't any opinion, though the always-convincing Martyn Cornell offers a strong case today. What I do know is that the arguments about cask ale seem to mark British drinking culture almost as much as cask ale does, and every time I see a flare up like this, it amuses and heartens me. I'm too distant to have a dog in the fight; I just like knowing people are still fighting about good beer. I'll worry when the debates stop.


  1. Nothing... they wouldn't exist.

  2. I see you're not getting a big response here.... OK. I'll bite...

    I know some stuff about CAMRA. They're about preserving the brewing, cellaring and dispensing traditions of English beer. I support MOST of their efforts.

    It's hard for Portlanders to wrap their head around British beer tradition because they ignore so much of it.

    Support your local British Beer traditions... Demand live ale on cask!