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Monday, November 22, 2010

Roscoe's Black Friday Beer Summit

Okay, this is something I can totally get behind. While the hordes are rampaging through the malls this Friday, the wise among us will be sipping good beer. Roscoe's has a great event planned: sort of a mini Holiday Ale Fest. Sixteen beers, including some fairly obscure ones:
Some of the breweries and holiday beers featured will be: Amnesia (Sleigh Jerker), Deschutes (Forest Park Strong Ale), Cascade (Dark Day Winter IPA), St. Bernardus (Christmas), Kulmbacher (Eisbock), Double Mountain (Fa La La La La), Collaborator (2009 bourbon barrel aged Floodcraft), Fort George (Drunkin' Pumpkin), Oakshire, Hopworks, and many more. We will have 5 ounce tasters available.
Black Friday Beer Summit
Friday-Saturday, Nov 26-27, 2pm to close
8105 SE Stark

I will be in New England sipping different beers that day, so you'll have to go in my stead.


  1. As much as I love Roscoe's, they need to deal with the funk in some of their lines. Part of the problem is that the 'tenders will pour a beer straight off, not considering how long it's been sitting in the lines--had many a stale beer there. Even after that though, I've had some stuff there that tasted off. Last time I had Pliny the Elder there--even though a bunch of other people had been ordering it--it just tasted off--tasted like dirty lines, but there was some fresh-washed-glass flavor as well. Granted, I was a puss for not saying anything, and makes this gripe lame, but I've been going there for a long while now and while the relatively new micro focus is amazing, I love the place for it's atmosphere over all else, so didn't want to bitch.

  2. Damn, have you tasted a beer at the Horse Brass lately? I don't think they've cleaned the lines since the last time Don Younger got a haircut.

  3. Thanks for the post Jeff!

    Thanks for the feedback Jason! I am sorry to hear of your concern. We have a professional tap cleaning service perform regular scheduled maintenance on our lines and faucets, but I would love to buy you a replacement beer and address your concerns in person.

    We will also have a few brewers coming by for the summit and meet-the-brewers events over the next couple of weeks, so I will ask them to taste their beers to see if they think there is an issue. If we find that there is a problem we will have the lines replaced. We want to make sure that we are showcasing the best beers in a way that meets or exceeds the expectation of the brewers and the craft beer community.

    I will be in for the summit on Friday and would welcome the chance to talk more. Just ask for Jeremy.

    Jeremy (Roscoe's)