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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A First Look at Hopworks

I stopped in to snap photos, but didn't have a chance to try the food or any of the beer. At least I have something to look forward to! Here are the pics, though:

The first report, from Jason in comments below, seems pretty reliable, so I'll quote it here:
"I was there for lunch on Tuesday. Beer was great (but we already knew that), food was pretty good. Ordered a bacon cheeseburger, but somehow only got the cheeseburger - perfectly understandable on the first day and it actually gave me a very good opportunity to see how they handeled something going wrong. The server was very appologetic and was going to go get some bacon and BBQ sauce, but I had already finished half the burger. The manager (can't recall his name) came over and checked in as well. I have the feeling that they would have comped me the burger if I would have let them."

"Christian was working the tables as well. Chatted with us for quite a while and groaned when we showed him the Laurelwood growlers we brought in to get filled up. We plastered a HUB sticker right on top of the tree."
More, plenty more, to come.

[Update: Bill at It's Pub Night has a review.]


  1. Incidentally, I think I'm going with "Hopworks" instead of "HUB."

  2. Hi Jeff: I didn't try the food but I have a report on all the beers. I'm glad you have some pictures, I forgot my camera.