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Monday, April 13, 2009

Honest Pint on Facebook

I've finally posted an Honest Pint Project page on Facebook. If you're a member of Facebook, visit the page and become a fan. The utility of Facebook is still not perfectly clear to me, but it's a good fit for the project--after all, I mainly want to spread awareness.

(And it is cool, I have to say. I posted a note on my Facebook page and tweeted the news yesterday. Within six hours, twenty-odd people had become fans, mostly people I've never heard of from the Midwest and points east.)


Update, 3:26 pm. We just hit 100 fans--whoo hoo! Also, and I think this speaks to the strong position of craft brewing, about a third of the fans are women.


dr wort said...

1/3 are women??

See, all that Fruit beer talk is gaining ya more interest.... :-O

Jeff Alworth said...

No doubt my readership is well over half women. My wife, my mom--there's 25% right there...

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