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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Upright Brewing ... Now Upright?

If my Twitter feed didn't lie (and how could that happen?), Upright Brewing now has beer out. Two nights ago--that was the day the Blazers beat Houston--a keg of strong ale went on at Belmont. I figured I'd catch a pint yesterday and have an early review up for you today. Ummm, no. It blew, apparently that first night.

Anyone get to try it? Thoughts?

[Update: Bill has a review.]


Bill said...

Just posted something about it.

It was a tasty big beer; but its bigness is different from what Alex mostly wants to do, so you didn't miss the real debut.

Bill said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
dr wort said...

I love when a new brewery becomes erect and new beer has become discharged! Ewwwww.... ;-}

Anonymous said...

Gah, why must I work for a company which employs the services of Barracuda's web filter?! They got you blocked, Bill… apparently, "Alcohol & Tobacco content" is verboten. Fortunately, they haven't yet caught on to Jeff… *knocks on wood*

I thought it was quite reminiscent of Fish's 10², but while the hops were just as floral on the nose, they seemed more subdued on the tongue (something for which I was thankful, as the 10² nearly made me gag - which isn't to say that it was super-hoppy or out of balance, just that something about that beer and a handful of others hits that specific nerve in the back of my tongue which really doesn't like hops) - no doubt thanks to the cask conditioning. I liked it a great deal, but I'm just as thankful that this won't be the norm… bring on the Belgians!

I was also very grateful that the Blazers squeaked one out that same evening, even though it was a difficult game to watch… thank Silicon Valley for TiVo, I could skip past all the idiotic [non-]calls.

Uprise Upright 2009!
(ya know, 'cause they're right next door to each other)


Anonymous said...

My, such tumescent effusion, doc… :-P


dr wort said...


Ya like it when I talk dirty, eh!?


Anonymous said...

No, that just makes it more likely that the powers-that-be will flag the content as inappropriate… then no fun will be had by me. :-(


dr wort said...

Who are the powers that be??

Nazi censors from hell? The moral majority Sphincter wholes?


Mark said...

Does anyone know if the brewery has opened for on-premise sales?

aleconner said...

@Mark: Not yet I don't believe. See this.

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