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Thursday, August 13, 2009


Blogging a grind, my mind tired. Possibly a period of lax posting forthcoming. I plan to brew a low-alcohol saison and try to enjoy the summer. The French are all on vacation now, right?


Average Bill said...

I started calling my low alcohol saisons "petit saisons." If you do the same, in 5 years it will be a new style at GABF. I've been brewing mine to like 10 Plato/1.040 OG. Can't beat them for the summer.

Jeff Alworth said...

I'm going to call this one a "grisette," just for geeky over-the-topness. And the recipe will put me in at about 1.035 or a hair lower. I'm psyched: the weather is just about to cooperate, too. Come Monday, the mercury rises to the nineties.

DA Beers said...

What yeast strain are you using? Dupont?

Average Bill said...

Grisette? Well aren't you just geekier than me (which is saying a lot actually). I'm telling you, stick to Petit Saison and we can claim to have invented the style when they add it to GABF. It's just foreign enough to really catch on, but people can still figure out what it means. But maybe it will be like Van Havig's "Colonial Beer" which is his name for the opposite of an Imperial beer. Brillaint name but it never caught on.

Jeff Alworth said...

Derek, yes, one way or another. I had luck culturing from a bottle before, and I'll probably do that again. (For my money, that's a far more pleasant way to procure yeast.)

Bill, I doubt that I am geekier than you. However, I was just reading that Farmhouse Ales book, so it was in my mind. I'm cool with petit saison. I'm cool with anything as long as this style gets some love. Hell, I'll call it "Little IPA" if people will drink it.

Josh said...

I was looking at the grisette recipe from Farmhouse Ales and was thinking of adding it to my brewing agenda. I look forward to the follow-up post to see how yours turns out.

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