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Thursday, August 06, 2009

Love Letter to Vinnie

This isn't exactly critical journalism, but it's a nice three minutes. My favorite part is the mini bung Cilurzo uses to pour a wee dram of his Supplication from the cask. Does everyone have those? And also, look at how many barrels he has--good lord. I gotta get down to Santa Rosa soon.

Update. Not everyone loved this video.


  1. That's a great little video, Jeff!

    The narrator can't seem to give a true description of Supplication's real flavor profile and her input is, uh, fairly unavailing. But, Vinnie gives a nice abbreviated tour through the brewery and Supplication production. BTW, Brett is not the only bacteria and/or yeast used in Supplication as the narrator seems to want to fixate on...

    Hmmmmm.... 20 months! I wonder if Widmer would wait that long to release a beer? I bet their brewing to bottling time is about 4-5 days!! :-)

    Most of the DR Wort Crew has been to the Russian River brewery, it would be a great road trip. Any bloggers interested in organizing a trip to the Santa Rosa area? Lots of good breweries in the area! ;-}

    One DW crew member grew up in the area and knows the terrain fairly well....

  2. Also Jeff, I think that bung is for emptying. He has a nail in a small hole for samples. you can notice he pulls the sample from the middle of the barrel and the bung is lower. Yeah, kinda anal to notice this, I know. Just sayin'