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Thursday, November 05, 2009

Occidental Brewing?

As I am always the last person to hear any news (it's my special talent), I pass this email straight to you.
My wife and I are "beer tourists" and love to visit as many new breweries as we can. Going over locations in Portland, I discovered a new brewery listed as "coming soon." The name of the brewery is Occidental Brewing. Their website states their intention to brew "Old styles from the finest malts and hops," however, the site is sparse beyond their logo. I was wondering if you had any additional info? According to, the phone number for Occidental is +1 503-810-7920. I have tried to contact them but maybe someone with a beer blog will be able to get more information.
Anyone know anything about this brewery?


iggir said...

it should be Septentrional Occidental Brewing.

joe said...

That logo looks a lot like the Saraveza logo...just sayin.

Josh said...

The logo immediately reminded me of Big Sky

Chris said...

They're already listed on the Brewer's Association website as being a member so perhaps someone can get them to divulge some contact info.

Anonymous said...

"No finer beer brewed or sold"... except that it's neither at this point. I f&#*ing hate these guys already.

Anonymous said...

They are now up and brewing. You can find their first beer (a Hef) on tap at Plughs Brews in St. Johns, or stop by their tasting room. They are located under the St. John's bridge. They should have a few more beers on tap in the next few weeks.

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