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Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Pelican's Darron Welch just tweeted this:
The Perfect Storm has cracked the BeerAdvocate Top 10 of American Beers and is rated #12 on BA's Top Beers on the planet
That's impressive, but if you follow the link, it's even more impressive. There are 37 reviews, and this is the breakdown:
32 - A+
_2 - A
_1 - A-
_1 - B+
_1 - B
For those scoring at home, of 37 people who have tried The Perfect Storm, 86% have given it a perfect score. That's insane. (I received a bottle from the brewery, and I plan to crack it tonight.)


Adam said...

Well, technically, A+ isn't necessarily a perfect score. Any score over 4.5 (out of 5) gets that designation. But still, everyone enjoys it quite a bit (myself included).

Don't forget to post a review when you're done, and help it reach the top 10 in the world!

Jeremy in SE PDX said...

Is it available in PDX? I seem to remember reading somewhere that one could only get it out at the coast.


joe said...

Have to either have it delivered or buy it from the brewery. I had it last year and have one more bottle of the 2008 and can attest, the beer is top notch. Well worth the $20.

Laura said...

Did you crack it open yet? I'm curious to hear what you think. Your opinion will alter the route of my day trip to the coast torrow. Thanks.

Jeff Alworth said...

Laura, email from Darron Welch at Pelican, with info accurate as of 3:55 pm today: seven cases left. The price is $20. I won't have my review up until tomorrow, but yes, plan to swing by Pac City. It's an English barleywine, so not hoppy (just to clarify the style), and it's very, very good.

Kevin said...

Last night Perfect Storm climbed to 41 reviews on BA. edging out Dark Lord for 9th best American Beer.

It's great to see a deserving brewery do so well. It wil be interesting to see if they can maintain their ranking over the long haul. Since Perfect Storm is such a limited release and part of BA's ranking system gives weight to number of reviews, they will begin to slip if more heavily reviewed beers match their score.

I'm a complete slut for statistics, so I find stuff like this very cool.


Anonymous said...

Please don't call it the 9th BEST beer in America. A more accurate term would be "9th highest-rated by dorks who live in their parents' basement".

Beer Advocate is for losers.

Kevin said...

Alright, now i think you're just splitting hairs. We all have the ability to look at a source and determine it's relevance.

I will agree that a lot of the time BA comes of needlessly arrogant and whiny, but I don't believe Perfect Storm is getting it's high marks from "dork's in their parents' basements." You have to purchase Perfect Storm from the brewery and there aren't a lot of basements on the Oregon Coast.

Dorks in their parents' attics might work a bit more realistic.


Laura said...

We stopped by the Pelican on Thursday and missed the last bottle of Perfect Storm by a mere four hours! Then, I learned that they will reserve a bottle if you call ahead. I will be prepared next November.

Jeff, I enjoy your blog! And the beer that it helps me discover.

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