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Friday, September 24, 2010

Sourheads Rejoice

Once was a time when I used to get emails from Ron Gansberg. He used to invite me out to Beaverton to roam the barrels in his ever-more-crowded brewery. That was when he was an obscure sour-beer brewer in a land that barely appreciated his regular beers. When I was roaring around with him, I'd say, "Man, you should really get a taproom over on the East Side where people will appreciate you."

Now he has. The Barrel House is unofficially open for business (939 SE Belmont). My email? It seems Herr Gansberg has gotten too big to mess with wee bloggers. I was pleased and mollified to see that in the description of beers, one of the laurels mentioned was the Satori for Apricot Ale.

Speaking of Cascade, Paul Kasten over at Wildwood plans to host a seven course (!) meal with a corresponding number of Gansberg's sour beers. More on that later, but save the date. I was blown away by his menu when he last did one of these, with Pelican.


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  2. My new goal in life is to build, buy, or have an apartment right next door to the barrel house. Better yet, have it attached with a little serving window and my own private barrel in the wall. And build a fountain which flows Sang Noir constantly. Isn't dreaming fun!?