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Monday, February 14, 2011

The Ritual

There was a moment last night when I realized the beer I was drinking was one too many. I was enjoying the company of a brewer and also a beer writer at Don Younger's wake at his seminal* Horse Brass Pub. Smoke was in the air (as were raindrops, beyond the walls, outside.), and we were all feeling, in addition to loss and sadness, a little joy and hope. This is the nature of Beervana, and it was the legacy of Don's long life work. I raised my glass in an impromptu toast and I drank the glass down. And then I continued to drink.

Cheers, Don--

(Posts may suffer today.)

Update: John Foyston has a wonderful collection of pictures from last night. I guess I missed a number of folks there--but eagle-eyed John was on the case. Go have a look--you'll see he captured some rare (and not so rare) sightings.

*Yes, I understand the meaning of "seminal" and can't think of a better use of it in a sentence.

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