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Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday Flick: Meantime Brewery

I'm not 100% sure this video is going to be playable, but let's have a go. It's supposed to be a cool piece from the Guardian about Meantime Brewery. You can also follow the link if my tech fu fails me.


  1. I pulled a cheat. The Guardian doesn't allow you to embed their videos, but you can download them. The much-maligned Blogger then earns back some cred because you can embed saved videos via some conversion software they employ--easy as adding a picture. Lawsuits from the Guardian are no doubt in store.

  2. We just returned from London and Greenwich is indeed a nice place to spend a day and Meridian's beer is not bad. CAMRA has a great book called Pub Walks and in it is a Greenwich route that has you sampling real ale pints in noteworthy places on either side of the prime meridian. Geek heaven.