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Monday, May 02, 2011

Noting the Larger World

Last night, President Obama announced the assassination of Osama bin Laden in Pakistan--and today writing about beer feels a little frivolous. I'm not sure what significance this will have in geopolitics, but it will bring up a lot of emotions for people across the globe. There are myriad reasons to raise pints today--but not the pints themselves. Tomorrow we can talk about beer again.



  1. It's about time! 10 years! I heard they shot him in his wheelchair and the female human shield was his nurse standing in front of him drawing blood to check his kidney function? Heard the Seals gained entry by disguising themselves as Pizza Delivery?

  2. I'd love to buy Seal Team Six a beer.

  3. What kind of beer do ya think they drink?

  4. Brooklyn Black Ops would be a fitting choice, or maybe Fantome Black Ghost.

  5. More likely some cheap ass big Macro beer and crush beer cans on their heads. They'll make wonderful Pizza delivery guys when they get out of the service. "I killed Bin Laden and here's your Pepperoni Pizza. Gee, thanks for the dollar tip!"