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Friday, July 15, 2011

In Hood River

In lieu of words, here are a few photos from our tour through the beer world in and around Hood River. (These are from the iPhone; it does a composite rendering of three photos, which gives them a strange look sometimes. Better photos, from my camera, are on the way.)

Charlie Devereux, regarding cherries that will go in a Double Mountain robust porter. (This isn't brewer Matt Swihart's orchard.)

Logsdon Farmhouse Ales, outside of Hood River. Note actual farmhouse (that's the mash tun, lower left.)

If you're standing next to the mash tun looking out, this is your view. That's Mount Hood, for those outside Oregon.

Dave Logsdon, the man behind both Logsdon Farmhouse Ales and Wyeast Yeast Labs, went to enormous energy to import a cherry tree from Belgium back to the US. This is that tree. In five years, its descendants will be producing cherries for his ales.

This is Double Mountain brewer Matt Swihart's land. Cherries from his orchards go in his annual kriek. (The latest vintage, brewed with last year's cherries, was just released in Hood River.) His crop is about ten days from maturity.

A view from the highest point of Swihart's orchard, looking north(ish). Mt Adams, one of the Double Mountains (Hood is the other) is hiding behind the clouds.

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  1. Great blog, and love the photos. Thanks for sharing...