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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Oregon Brewers Fest By the Numbers

If imitation is flattery, consider this my "aw shucks." Three weeks ago, Sanjay beat me to this year's statistical punch, and I see in my media packet that a similar item is included. But superfluous though it may be, I was there first, and by god, I'm doing the annual numbers post. Note that 2010's numbers are listed in parentheses (a Beervana value-added feature) and none of these numbers include the 51 beers in the "buzz tent." Here we go.

Years since inception: 24
Total beers: 86 (81)
Total breweries: 86 (81)
States represented: 14 (16)
Percent Oregon: 53% (43%)
Percent California: 19% (22%
Percent Washington: 10% (9%)
All Others: 17% (26%)

Ale to Lager ratio: 8 to 1 (9 to 1)
Total styles (by broad category): 34 (27)
IPAs: 17%, 15 total (20%, 16 total)
Belgian styles: 16% (12%)
German/Czech styles: 17% (14%)
Well-represented niche* styles:
__- Pilsner: 4 (5)
__- Cascadian Dark Ale: 4 (NA)
__- Porter: 6 (NA)
__- Munich Helles: 2 (0)
__- Kolsch: 3 (2)

Beers using wheat: 19-ish%** (23%)
Beers using spices/adjuncts: 19% (15%)
Fruit beers: 10% (15%)

ABV of smallest beer (Riverport Blond Movement): 4.3% (4.0%)
ABV of largest beer (Dogfish Head Black and Red Imperial Stout): 10.3% (9.5%)
Beers below 5.5%: 34 (NA)
Beers above 7%: 27 (NA)
Fewest IBUs in Fest (Gilgamesh Mint Kolsch): 0 (0)
Most IBUs at the Fest (Lucky Lab Summit IPA): 103 (111)
Beers between 0 and 40 IBUs: 51 (NA)
Minimum years in a row 21st Amendment has brought Watermelon Wheat: 10 (9)

*Niche for Oregon, anyway. Your mileage may vary.
**Not every grain bill was available.


John Foyston said...

Hey Jeff, this is excellent, but can I just point out that I've done an OBF Harper's index for the last two years in the Oregon Craft Beer Month special section that I write for The Oregonian? Not that yours is a copy of mine by any means...The Harper's Index format is a great invention and always onhe of my favorite parts of that magazine...

Brewers Union Local 180 said...

Cask: 0

Jeff Alworth said...

can I just point out that I've done an OBF Harper's index for the last two years in the Oregon Craft Beer Month special section that I write for The Oregonian?

You may indeed. And I'll point you to my first post with the Harper's-style index ... from 2007. Back in my political blogging days, I did a similar thing for the State of the Union address, starting in 2003.

Harper's Index ... um, that was a tad earlier than my efforts. Which were, obviously, stolen from Harper's.

Pete Dunlop said...

What jumps out? A 10 percent increase in Oregon beers. Art recently alluded to the many "friends" who want to be part of the OBF. I guess a lot of those friends are in Oregon, which makes sense given the growth we're seeing here. Nice stats.

John Foyston said...

Oh yeah!? Are you saying I just copy other bloggers!?!...well, yer goin' to the top of my Enemies list, pal...
J "old school" F

Chris said...

Wow John, somehow you managed to channel Ezra and Dr. Wort with 3, er, "sentences" and a bit of punctuation.

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