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Sunday, August 21, 2011

My Debt to Oregon Breweries Grows

This weekend the city of Portland has been hosting a conference for Beer Bloggers. (Which is, actually, a bit of a misnomer. It's more like a conference of beer and social media.) At about every step along the way, Oregon breweries have been helping out and offering free beer. They do it cheerfully and with pleasure. For the bloggers--who've been treated to things like Deschutes' new Stoic, Widmer's 2010 Braggot, Breakside's Gin-barrel Double Wit, Hopworks' Galactic Imperial Red and many more--it's been a real treat. For those of us who worried these bloggers would be stuck in a Doubletree conference room and missing out on the extraordinary bounty, it was most gratifying. Oregon breweries always step up for things like this--always exceed my high expectations--and it's a pleasure to be associated even distantly to them.

Thanks, folks--


  1. my grapes are decidedly sour.

  2. I'm not sure how anyone anywhere could replicate the experience we had as out-of-town bloggers.

    First, the gracious hospitality at the Goshie Hop Farm combined with the camaraderie and interaction with such highly regarded brewers, notable writers, and perhaps less known but influential publicans and scenesters. Finally it all gets wrapped up in a nice bow at the wonderful Bagdad theater with the premier of, "For the Love of Beer" in which we see a beautiful montage of the Hop farm we just visited and coincidentally everyone we just met is in the freaking (spectacular and energizing) movie!

    Really? Can you even think how this can possibly be better?