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Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I have no time to blog today, so instead I'll offer you the introductory paragraph from a Washington Post article and let you do the rest--sort of in the vein of Ron Pattinson's Protz Shield/Papazian Cup awards (which, god willing, I shall never win):
Beer’s third-most-important ingredient, after water and barley, is almost as mystifying to most beer drinkers as Prohibition. But a new kind of beer has recently emerged that gives consumers an unprecedented ability to learn: the single-hop India pale ale.
Poor yeast.


  1. Apparently taking the Reinheitsgebot literally.

  2. Maybe it's a typo and they meant that hops are the third ingredient added?

  3. Yeast is too mystifying for the young and in love! I think that it's fitting that the author mentions wine at the end of the article...rarely do we hear wine consumers waxing about yeast strains as we do our well-read beer drinkers.