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Thursday, December 08, 2011

Beer Snobbery Gone Wrong

The singer’s rider also reveals a fondness for certain beers. It states that she requires: “12x selection of bottles of best quality European lager beer. ie Beck’s, Stella Artois, Peroni etc. North American beer is NOT acceptable.”
The singer in question is Adele, the latest soul-inspired English singer to roar to massive stardom. She's all of 23, so this seems about par for the course. And maybe this accounts for something, too:
She [also] asks for two bottles of posh red plonk and a packet of Marlboro Light fags and a lighter.
Someone ought to sneak an American IPA in with the Peronis and see what happens.


  1. For what it is worth: many of the sites aren't showing the whole rider. Over at the Smoking Gun , you can see that it also asks for "good quality local lager (NOT Budweiser, Miller, or similar "National" brand)" for the band and crew buses.

  2. What is "posh red plonk"?

  3. posh red plonk=good red wine. Though it's slightly weird because plonk usually includes the sense of cheap.

  4. To my mind, 'posh' implies 'implied, perceived, or referred' quality; ritzy; ostentatiously fancy; pretentious.

    The British upper class and pretentious posers are 'posh'. The false etymology of the word is that it is a contraction of the desirable [shady side] of a British Med. cruise; Port Out, Starboard Home.

    There are more than two dozen exceptional to very good American craft lager; pilsners. Unfortunately, many are only available on draught.

  5. Thanks to you both; "posh" I was familiar with in this usage; but "plonk" was entirely new to me.

  6. snobbery gone wrong? indeed, since you all think you're so high and mighty. oh no, someone might not like what you like! she must be young and dumb. never mind the fact that this was probably written by some agent / intermediary trying to communicate that she doesn't want a case of Bud Light. and good god, opinions are like assholes....

  7. I like anonymous commentors.

  8. I love the idea of slipping some good American beer in there. It reminds me of 'Pulp Fiction': "I'll take the Pepsi challenge with that Amsterdam s*** any old day of the week."