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Thursday, June 26, 2014

IPA Versus Helles

The pubs opened their doors at 8:30 am in Portland this morning for what could be billed as the beer cup--Germany versus USA in the World Cup.  A tie or win gets us out of the first round.  It's also a pretty good match between beer giants.  If both teams make it through, they'll join Belgium in the field of 16--along with France and the Netherlands.  Of the great beer powers to enter the World Cup, only England is currently out of contention.  Okay, back to my trusty Univision stream.  (Fifteen minutes in, under a torrential downpour, Germany is looking very good.  Gulp.)

Update.  Nil-nil at the break.  As a lifelong sports fan, I have grown to appreciate the ways excitement and tension build in different sports.  Although I'm not a serious soccer fan, I love the way in which a tied game--at least in big games--produces an experience almost like a horror film.  It's a palpable sense of anxiety that comes with anticipation.  Even a goal by the opposition relieves it--just like you finally relax when the killer bloodily lops off a teenager's head.  No other sport does that.

Update 2.  We lost, 1-0.  Frowny face.

Update 3.  We advanced to the sweet 16 thanks to a win by Portugal--the team that prevented us from advancing in the final 20 seconds of the last game.  Smiley face. IPAs and helleses all around.

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