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Monday, January 07, 2008

Honest Pint Updates

Three brief items:

1. Sorry, Jim. I went to the Green Dragon last Wednesday with my trusty measuring cup and did the official measure. (Background: in my review of Green Dragon, I mentioned that the very attractive glasses didn't look like full pints to me, but in comments, Jim assured me they were. I removed the pub from the list pending review.) (Oh, also parenthetically, I'll mention my new methodology: I drain the glass and then take it to the bathroom, where I fill it to the brim with water and then measure. This eliminates the problem of creating a head when you pour a pint of beer into a pyrex measuring bowl--unwieldy and awkward when the waiter espies your bowl full of beer.)

The conclusion? 15 ounces. However, I still love the Dragon, and they currently have a framboise from Six Rivers brewing (Humboldt County, CA) that is wonderful. It has all the tart character you expect from a brewery of the Lembeek valley. It wouldn't beat the best lambics from Belgium, but it far outpaces the worst. Go have a pint. Deelish.

2. I have contacted the state about what to do next toward getting standards enacted.

3. Since the links for the petition have fallen off the front page, signings have slowed substantially. However, they trickle in, and we are now up to 365. If you haven't signed, it's never too late!

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