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Thursday, January 31, 2008

A Second Batch of Abyss?

At the risk of diminishing my chance to get a bottle of this year's Abyss, I report the news from Belmont Station reluctantly:
Rumors have been swirling for a few days now about a second wave of Abyss arriving in Portland this week, and I can confirm that there are a couple hundred more cases dropping tomorrow and Friday. As far as I know, every place that received some of the first wave should get another small allotment, and a few places that got screwed the first time will be getting a some as well.

We won't be getting anywhere near the amount we received on the first batch, so in order to spread the joy a bit we're going to limit people to 3 bottles per person (per day) for at least the first week.
I just called, and tomorrow's the day. I'll update you if/when they arrive (like about five minutes after I have my three bottles in hand). I'll check around and see where else the bottles might be landing...


  1. It's here :)

    PS - No offense Bill, but screw eBay!

  2. So what's the update? Is the new shipment in? Should I use my lunch hour to go get one of these mysterious bottles of deliciousness?

  3. I should have put a frowny-face on my earlier comment to express my sarcasm :-(

    The beer-scalping thing ticks me off, too.

  4. Bill: I figured your post was in jest, but this new trend of selling "collectible bottles" on eBay pisses me off.