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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Ninkasi Tricerahops and Other Comments

New year's eve: a pint of viscous solution redolent of pine tar and bracingly hoppy. I, of course, enjoyed it. So did others. You may, too, should you stop in at the Henry. What I didn't realize until reading this was that it's 9.5% alcohol. Unlike Bill's experience, we got a full (cheater) pint. Which, if you're drinking a beer that big is, I guess, a good thing.

Someone suggested that it should have been included in consideration for the Satori Award, and indeed, it was released in '07. So at least for the purpose of my poll, that would have been a good idea. However, though it was another impressive outing from Jamie Floyd and Co., I would rate it behind Believer and Total Domination on my personal scale. It was, however, substantially different in hop character--which I think will ultimately define Ninkasi. They seem to to be able to resist huge, hoppy ales. But they each have a different hop profile, so they remain distinct and probably each has adherents.

Oh, speaking of cheater pints and the Henry, this is official news. I busted out my pyrex measurer and confirmed. However, they served the very succulent, very rare Storm King Imperial Stout (9.1% abv) in a 16-ounce brandy-snifter-like glass which, presumably, they thought was smaller. (I measured that one, too.)

All of which is further evidence that establishments don't know how big their serving glasses are and could benefit from some standards.

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