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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Roots Gets Bloggy

This may or may not be a reliable way to get info, but my inbox was stuffed with alerts from Roots' MySpace blog (you have to register with MySpace to read it). My guess is that periodically someone will remember to update it and you'll get a flood of email. Anyhoo, I'm passin' it along (in brief) 'cause I loves me the Roots:
  • Having won last year's inagural Cheers to Belgian Beers, Roots has the honor of hosting it this year. Twelve breweries will vie for the title, brewing ales with the Ardennes/ La Chouffe yeast strain. The tasting happens at the fest, and the rabble (you and me) pick the winner. At Roots Saturday April 5. (I'll post a reminder.)
  • Roots' expansion is underway. Won't be expanded until late summer/Fall (which probably means end of the year, if their construction is anything like every other construction project I've heard of).
  • Two Belgians are on the way for March and April. On the equinox (3/20), the brewery rolls out Jason McAdam's Belgian brown ale--which also happens to be the entrant in the Cheers to Belgian Beers contest. And in April, they release a Flanders red that's been sitting on oak for a year.
That is all.

[Update: In case casual readers don't dig down to the comments, here's the Roots blog, registration free. Hat tip Ben at PDXstump.)

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