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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Ah, Oregon

Went out last night for a quick post-work pint, the first one since my sojourns to sunny climes (digging out of the work left behind takes time). We stopped into the Green Dragon before heading home to get the Potomac primary returns.* At the table next to us were seven humans--four women, two men, and an infant. The infant wasn't drinking, but I happened to notice out of the corner of my eye that the beers were varied and impressive--small tumblers containing expensive elixirs, black beers, deep, lovely-looking beers. The women drinking as avidly as the men.

This is beer culture, and it is so, so rare.

(I had the Elysian Bifrost, which was big and beautiful, but a bit green. A value at $4 a pint--a lot of the other big beer were served in smaller glasses. And of course, one might say that Elysian is a value at any price.)

*For those who miss the reference, consider yourself lucky to be free of this mania.

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  1. I arrived at PDX to pick up some visitor a month or so ago, but they were delayed, so I slipped into the restaurant for some food. Next to me soon arrived a large family (grandpa, grandma, mom, dad, kiddies) that looked stright from the Portland 'burbs I was cringing when the drink order was taken, but to my surprise all of the adults eschewed the macros and ordered a range of fine Oregon ales - Black Butte, Bridgeport IPA, etc.

    Ah, I thought, it is truly something when the suburban family shows up in the reastaurant and buys good beer. Thus is truly a culture (not just a sub-culture) that has pervaded Portland.